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Cheryl Feltner

Cheryl has been in the travel industry since 1987. She loves to travel, see new places, learn new customs and try new food and drink! She lived in Amsterdam for a few years and loved that experience. More recently she has been busy checking things off her bucket list! She's been to The Great Wall in China, The Parthenon in Athens, The Eiffel Tower in Paris and The Empire State Building in New York...just to name a few. She's stood on the top of an extinct volcano, watched whales breaching in Mexico, ridden a horse on a beach in Ireland, held a koala in Australia, cruised the gorgeous Mediterranean sea, hiked the Cinque Terre in Italy and enjoyed more food and drink that she probably should have. She is always looking forward to many more experiences as she believes you should expand your view, eat the food, drink the wine and take the trip!